I Used to be Anti-Blogging

The purpose of this blog is not to give some secret window view of my life- trust me, it’s not that interesting and really not all that secret, unless I tell about that time I rolled the wrong person’s house on a church retreat and almost got sued. Instead, I want to write about my journey, my experience, my wisdom I’ve gathered over the years in my pursuit to enter the world of book publishing. In return, it would be great if you could share yours with me.

I read, I write, I research everyday- anything to put me one more step forward, one more step closer to perfecting my work. I’m young, I’m energetic, and most importantly of all, I am down right determined. But sometimes, I think, what good is all this information, all this passion stored inside of only one person? Why not share what I have and maybe you can share some of your knowledge with me?

I’m going to write about what I have learned from my experience and my research involving the writing industry. I’ll write about the days I interned for a literary agency in New York (worked with some incredible people!) to the days I locked myself in my room for ten days to write a 400-page novel (I did leave to get food) to the present days of handling social media. And then there’s the writing conferences, the freelancing, and the magazine interning. And of course, there’s the editing, tweaking, endless perfecting of the NOVEL.

Stay tuned, mates.


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